Lenders single interest insurance – LSI

All new and existing loans in a portfolio are protected, regardless of the insurance status of an individual loan. Reporting is simple, and the program is flexible: physical damage, skip, repossession, and filing E&O.

LSI is also referred to as VSI, vendor single interest. We use the terms interchangeably.


Scope of coverage

  • New and existing loans, up to 84 months
  • All risk physical damage
  • Flexible programs: physical damage, skip, repossession, filing E&O
  • Instrument non-filing insurance



  • Simple monthly reporting form
  • Premium based on number of loans each month, or portfolio outstanding balance
  • Low deductible choices
  • No insurance tracking or follow-up required
  • Rate flexibility based on loss experience



  • Assumption of risk
  • Mechanic’s lien
  • Repossession expense reimbursement
  • Waiver of ACV settlement for total loss or unrecovered thefts