Flood insurance

It seems like what used to be a hundred-year flood happens every other year. Today, flood insurance has become an essential component of your for your portfolio protection program.

American Modern has for many years tracked flood zone coverage requirements and homeowner-purchased flood insurance coverage. We are now able to add force-placed flood insurance to our lender-placed hazard coverage on an admitted basis in all 50 states.


Scope of coverage

  • Basic NFIP policy language is used in the American Modern program.
  • Loss settlement is the lesser of repair, replacement or coverage amount.
  • Program covers rising water, surface water, or overflow of a body of water with these standard limits:
    • $500,000 residential
    • $30,000 increased cost of compliance
    • $500,000 commercial
    • $1,000 deductible ($1,250 if building coverage exceeds $100,000)


  • American Modern’s program is an admitted program in most states.
  • Our program allows lenders to increase limits above the standard NFIP limits.
  • We cover all flood zones.
  • Excess flood coverage can be added to an NFIP policy to increase coverage limits.



  • Temporary blanket flood coverage adds protection during the mandatory 45 day gap before the full policy activates.
  • Automatic coverage for properties in a lender’s portfolio.
  • Coverage deficiency adds additional settlement dollars if the damage exceeds the standard limit.